From 2013-2015 the First-Year Writing Program at St. John's University published a journal of student writing. The goal wasn't to publish the "best" student writing as if it were some kind of contest, but rather reflect a diverse range of written work that the faculty considered interesting, notable, and worthy of showcasing. Faculty were asked to invite several students from their courses to submit work they'd done in class; those students would then make appointments in the University Writing Center to meet with consultants to discuss their pieces further before being published. In addition to promoting the writing of students, the intent behind the journal was to be a teaching tool for faculty as well as a catalyst for sustained dialogue between students, the Writing Center, and faculty. While that journal only lasted two years, the Writing Center at St. John's wanted to continue the idea, only this time as a publication open to all manner of writing submitted throughout the University curricula. Each year the Writing Center will continue to reach out to all University faculty, encouraging them to identify several students from their courses whose writing they deem noteworthy and of interest to a wider audience. It's our hope that the number of entries in future issues will continue to grow, and include not just written texts but artwork and compositions in a range of media.

Writing Center consultants involved in the editing and design of Issue 1 were Lauren Astl, Maura Avington, Anna Cairney, Nathonia Chery, Mark DiNardo, Sohayla Eltahlawy, Marla Katz, Demia Lee, Natasha Mann, Mikayla Torres, and Elle Urtecho. 

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photo by Tamara Garcia